Tune Ups

Aurora, CO

Just like you need the occasional visit to your doctor to make sure everything's in working order, your car needs the occasional visit to the mechanic. Whether it's an oil change, tune-ups or brake service, we're your local leader in the Aurora, CO area for vehicle repair and service. With prices and people that always make our customers smile, our courteous and professional staff at More Miles Auto Service LLC happily offer you the kind of service that you and your car really deserve. From major mechanical issues to simple routine maintenance, you'll get great value at a great price from people with the experience and knowledge that you'll come to rely on the more you use our services. We'll have your ride purring like a kitten and running safely and smoothly in no time at all.

We know that our friends and neighbors in Aurora, CO really take pride in their vehicles. You invest a lot of time and money in them, and at More Miles Auto Service LLC, we share that passion for perfection. That's why we offer the best prices and service when it comes to vehicle tune ups and brake service. No matter what needs to be worked on, our expert mechanics can diagnose and cure it, just like your doctor when you get sick. We're experienced and ready to work on anything from engine issues to electrical issues, tires, bumpers and brakes. Just imagine that kind of convenience paired with affordable prices and friendly staff!

Don't wait until your car breaks down along the side of the road! Call us today for a full inspection of your vehicle. You might be surprised at the dangers lurking inside! Let our pros take care of your car so you and your family can safely get to where you're going!