Car Service

Brighton, CO

After a long, harsh Colorado winter in which your vehicle stuck it out and got you where you needed to be, don't you owe your ride the chance to be pampered a little bit? If you're looking for the absolute best in local car service in Brighton, CO, then you need to give us a call over at More Miles Auto Service LLC. From emission repair to exhausts, transmissions to breaks and everything in between, our experienced professional master mechanics can get your car running the way you expect it to. Whether you need routine maintenance work at an affordable price or have been struggling to find out why your vehicle isn't running right, our staff can diagnose and repair any problems of any size or severity. Consider us your one stop shop for everything automotive.

When you're looking for the best local emission repair shop, consider looking for one that offers a full line of car service options. While you might think simple emission work will get your car back on the road, our experts at More Miles Auto Service LLC know that there could be some other underlying problem that, unless addressed, will linger and keep your car problems at the forefront. Don't let a niche specialty repair shop's singular focus frustrate you! We offer a holistic approach to car repair, and we will check and inspect everything and ensure that your vehicle doesn't leave our shop unless we'd drive it ourselves.

No matter what kind of service you need on your car, our local professionals are right around the corner from your Brighton, CO home. Whether you know exactly what you need or have no idea why your car isn't running properly, give us a call. See how our experts can help to get your car in top shape!